Terrasport Радужный

Address: Moscow, 2 Proizvodstvennaya Street
Tel: +7 (495) 981-35-35,

TERRASPORT Raduzhny is a mid-class facility with 3,000 sq. meters, a comprehensive infrastructure with a capacity of 3,000-3,500 clients. The fitness center is located in the very heart of the Solntsevo residential district, in the Radujniy microdistrict. Based on the district name (“raduzhny” means “rainbow”), the interior design is in a rainbow color palette. The three main colors are orange, yellow and gray with contrasting color accents.

Despite being located in a residential building, the fitness center satisfies all requirements set by Fitness Holding to engineering and functional facilities.

The center takes up two levels and is divided into common and fitness areas. The first level includes an entrance hall, lockers, a bar and offices. The entrance area is designed around a red acrylic glass reception desk. The focal point in the café is the bar counter and furniture.

The common area on the first level is an open space with glass enclosures, visually increasing the space, and high ceilings.