Terrasport Коперник

Address: Moscow, B. Yakimanka Street, lot 22
Tel. +7 (495) 225-80-80,

TERRASPORT is located in the elite residential facility Kopernik. TERRASPORT - is a premium-class facility with 3,000 square meters and a capacity of 2,200 clients, offering a comprehensive range of fitness services. The interior has a unique neoclassic style with expensive materials and decorative elements. The center targets wealthy people, active businessmen liable to stress. The interior design creates a special atmosphere of comfort, beauty and fitness.

The fitness center offers exclusive services with a corporate quality standard and a comprehensive individualized approach to each client. Fitness Holding’s experts have developed a unique system based on client support by a personal trainer who develops an individualized program and arranges activities based on the client’s needs and wishes.