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Fitness projects launching

Fitness Holding develops sports and fitness projects, builds its own network and launches individual projects from construction to opening and operation.

A successful launch of a business project guarantees its further growth. Careful planning and consideration from the start is required for a project to meet its owners’ expectations. Fitness Holding assists its clients or sets strategic goals, estimates profitability and defines business processes.

We offer the following services:

  • Analyzing your competitors and competitive strengths;
  • Marketing analysis and efficiency of investing in a fitness center in your region or area;
  • Fitness center concepts;
  • Marketing and pricing policies;
  • Business plan;
  • Return on investment period estimate;
  • Technical assignment and supervision; 
  • Technical requirements to a fitness center;
  • Interior design;
  • Architectural concept (layout);
  • Composition and area of the premises;
  • Selection of construction materials;
  • Equipping a fitness center;
  • Membership options;
  • Optimum selection of basic and premium services;
  • Fitness center organizational structure. Staff schedule;
  • Job descriptions and regulatory framework for all departments;
  • Client relations for each department;
  • Staff (including managing staff) selection and training;
  • Incentive packages for clients and staff;
  • Client registration. Software installation.
  • Fitness center launching, pre-sales;
  • Opening fitness centers;
  • Introducing and promoting advanced fitness programs;
  • Effective cooperation within the system.   

The  managing strategy is aimed at enhancing a fitness center commercial appeal. Our company provides financial, technical, administrative, legal and marketing support based on extensive successful experience in managing our own projects and those of our clients and partners.